First feature, Italy – France 2022, 96’, Italian with English and Hebrew subtitles
By Marta Savina
Cinematographer: Francesca Amitrano
Cast: Claudia Gusmano, Fabrizio Ferracane, Francesco Colella
World sales: Vision Distribution

LIA is strong headed and doesn’t fit in with the rigid mindset of 1965 Sicily. What starts off like a fairytale with LORENZO soon turns into a nightmare when he takes her with brute force. According to the the moral Lia must marry the man who raped her to save her honor, accepting the common tradition of the reparatory marriage.

But for the first time in Italian history she will defy all social expectations and engage a personal and legal battle for self-determination.

Marta Savina

was born in Florence in 1986 and is an Italian director and screenwriter whose stories are particularly interested in complex contemporary themes with a female background.

filmography (selection):
2017: Viola, Franca

festivals & awards (selection):
– BFI London Film Festival 2022: Journey
– Rome Film Fest 2022: Alice nella città – Panorama Italia – Prize Raffaella Fioretta

Marta Savina
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